How to Be a Good Blogger

Part 1 of 4: Starting a blog: –


  1. Start a blog: –If you don’t own a blog you can start blogging at WordPress. Other recommended sites include blogger (it allows you to see statistics of who has been looking at your blog, along with many customization  options for the layout). If you do own a blog, good for you! Go to the next step.670px-Be-a-Good-Blogger-Step-2
  2. Pick a topic that you are passionate about: –Even if you don’t have a passion, writing about your daily life can make for a good read, depending how you word it. If you are going to blog about what you did today, make it interesting. People are looking for a funny story or your opinion on a debatable subject. They may not be as willing to read how you changed a lightbulb today. Using photos can help enhance the reading experience and engage readers more.

Part 2 of 4: Making your blog easy to find


  1. Learn about search engine optimization (SEO): – The very basics of this is knowing which keywords to focus on. These are what people are searching for in the search engines, and how they might find your blog. Some of these keywords get a lot more searches than others get, so it’s in your best interest to eventually choose the ones that do get searched for often. Keep in mind that these are often more competitive than ones that are searched for less — but you might get lucky.

Part 3 of 4: Providing brilliant, accessible content

  1. Show consistent, relevant postings over time: – Google seems to favor domains that have had some time to age and that are going to be a good bet for their visitors. Remember — Google’s (and other engines’) goal is to provide the best experience possible for the people who search with them. If your blog is going to be a good match for your search terms it will be easier for you to rank and stay there.
  2. Stay on topic:- If you are blogging about music, then don’t make a post about twilight or something. If you don’t stay on topic it will change what visitors think of your blog.
  3. Make your posts unique: – Make your posts something you can’t get on other blogs. Try to change your format. Also try to organize your post. The better your post is organized the the better the post will seem. The better your posts seem the better your blog will seem.

Part 4 of 4: Promoting your blog


  1. Promote your blog: –When you start only you will know about the blog. Only start promoting your blog after you get about 15 posts or so. If you promote it before people will think your blog isn’t good enough. Don’t spam your link. There are plenty of ways to promote your blog.
  • Add tags to your post. That will make your posts show up in search engines like google.
  • Add a link to your site on a forum signature. It will be better if the forum and your blog are the same topic. Make sure you post on the forum though.
  • Exchange links with others sites. Make a blog roll.


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